Health and Safety Manager


The job holder will be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of all Health and Safety systems / Training systems / Audit trails and other areas connected as and when directed by the Technical Director / Factory Manager.

Responsibilities include:

• Liaise effectively with Directors and Managers at all UK Amelia Knight sites.
• Liaise effectively with the production department, ensuring the maximum staff production hours are not compromised, in line with customer ethical audits.
• Implement rigorous H & S training procedures in line with company guidelines.
• Undertake the writing of new training procedures to complement the library of existing training procedures / programs.
• Utilise effectively the available training and resource materials.
• Work to the Quality Control Standard Operating Procedures
• Complete all relevant Health and Safety and Training documentation fully, correctly and legibly.
• Liaise effectively and take instruction from the Technical Director / Factory managers and Human Resources department, to ensure the safe and efficient operation of all UK sites.
• Alert the Technical Director / Factory Manager / Human Resources Department of any engineering issues, Health and Safety issues, Training requirements, Personnel issues or any other work-related issues that become apparent to the job holder.
• Organise paperwork and documentation according to company policies and future audit trails.
• Ensure all staff are compliant with company policies, rules and regulations.

Health and Safety:

Health and Safety issues would include:
• Complying with all relevant Health and Safety Law.
• Complying with the Company Health and Safety Policy.
• Work within set safety guidelines.

Ongoing training, as advised and directed by the Technical Director / Factory Manager.

Take a lead role as part of the supervisory team, in the smooth and safe running of the Amelia Knight Ltd, UK operation.

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