Lead Engineer


The job-holder will be responsible for all areas within the Amelia Knight workplace.

Responsibilities include:
• The maintenance, service and repair of all the production equipment and systems.
• The maintenance, service and repair of all site infrastructures.
• The maintenance, service and repair of all site services, including water, electricity, compressed air etc.
• Ensuring optimum performance levels from all production equipment by employing continual improvement techniques.
• Ensuring machine / line downtime, due to breakdowns, change-over and bulk product replenishment is kept to minimum acceptable levels.
• Working effectively and seamlessly with the production and planning departments to ensure machinery capacity is used to full value.
• Provide cover for absent positions as and when required or directed by the engineering manager

Health & Safety:

Responsibilities within the Pascalle workplace for all related health and safety issues arising from the installation, running, servicing and repairs to the production equipment and systems, site infrastructures and site services.

The health and safety issues would include the following:
• All related risk assessments
• Management of machinery logbooks
• Management of machinery safety logbooks
• Management of service sheets and records
• Writing and documentation of work procedures
• Examination of machinery with regard to integrity certification.
• Management of the equipment lock off system.


Training of personnel directly under his charge, as and when directed by the Engineering Manager


Provide cover for holidays and absences as required and to generally assist in the smooth and efficient operation of the engineering department.

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